Department of Medicine

Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Responsibilities of Fellows

Clinical Pharmacology fellows have clinical responsibilities that primarily include participating in Pharmacology consult service and Clinical Pharmacology clinical triails. These clinical responsibilities are an important element of the training program that offer fellows the opportunity to experience a large range of clinical research protocols and challenges in clinical therapeutics and offer real opportunities for authorship on publications. While participation in these clinical responsibilities is required, and will not in general, result in primary authorship, each encounter offers the possibility of authorship if a fellow becomes sufficiently interested and involved to do so. Our clinical responsibilities require that there is a defined schedule to allow research protocols to be carried out in an uninterrupted and efficient manner and that consults for the ward and the out-patient clinic can be handled efficiently. Fellows serve as the primary point-of-contact for the clinical pharmacology clinic, research studies and after-hours activity. The coverage system has two protocol-specific levels and two monthly call assignment levels with fives levels of back-up to make it possible for any fellow with primary responsibility for a protocol or for monthly coverage to have back-up from other MD's and faculty.

For ICRC protocol-specific responsibilities, it is possible for a fellow to call the Faculty PI for a given protocol at any point, but the normal sequence would be for the first call to be to the protocol-specific fellow, the 2nd to a fellow that serves as back-up for that fellow, the 3rd to the fellow who is serving as the on-call fellow for GCRC, clinic, and consultants, and the 4th call to be the back-up on-call fellow for that month. Of note, within this sequence: It is a fellow's responsibility to call their back-up if they are unavailable. Should a fellow become significantly intellectually involved in a particular protocol, co-authorship will be given according to the need and guidelines. They are available at