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General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics

Regenstrief Institute

The Regenstrief Institute is an internationally recognized informatics and healthcare research organization. It is dedicated to the improvement of health through research that enhances the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care.

The institute receives $2.7 million per year in core support from the Regenstrief Foundation and has an annual budget of approximately $12 million, largely derived from federal grants and contracts from the National Library of Medicine, national philanthropies, Indianapolis healthcare institutions, and other sources.

The Institute offers outstanding education and training opportunities to those interested in academic and research careers.

Fellowships (for M.D.s, Ph.D.s, D.N.S.s, Pharm.D.s , D.O.s, and D.P.T.s) in general internal medicine, general pediatrics, geriatrics, public health and pharmacy provide outstanding training for an academic or research-oriented career. The biomedical informatics fellowship program prepares individuals for careers in academic medicine, the healthcare industry and the health information systems industry.

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