Department of Medicine

Krannert Institute of Cardiology



The Krannert Institute of Cardiology remains active a broad range of basic and clinical research areas, including collaborative research with several basic science as well as other clinical departments. The basic science research spans studies on ion channels and gap junctions to membrane proteins, molecular genetics, angiogenesis and vascular remodeling, and basic cardiac electrophysiology studies. Basic interactions of the autonomic nervous system in ischemic heart disease and mechanisms of clinical arrhythmias remain important electrophysiology areas of focus. Members of our faculty and fellows are very active in our vascular biology program, which is supported by an NIH training grant.

A novel area of focus is the investigation of stem and progenitor cells in cardiovascular disease, including the progressively important disorders of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Clinical trials are underway in each of our clinical programs, and Krannert remains a core electrocardiography laboratory for clinical studies. In the area of acute coronary syndromes, our interventional cardiologists are conducting trials involving novel antithrombotic regimens and drug-eluting stents, as well as vascular protein devices. Krannert cardiologists remain major investigators and leaders in trials of revascularization strategies in patients with diabetes at IU Health and Roudebush Veterans Administration hospitals. An important new initiative is the Indiana Predictive Cardiovascular Health Project (funded by the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation), a longitudinal clinical and genetic study of coronary disease in Indiana patients.