Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our training program in Internal Medicine.

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which covers the mandatory criteria for our program.

Do you take International Medical Graduates into your program?
Yes we do.

How can I apply to your program?
You must apply through ERAS.

Do I have to be ECFMG certified?
Yes, you must be ECFMG certified and you should take the CSA exam before your interview.

Is US clinical experience a requirement?
Yes, you must have clinical experience in a US or Canadian hospital with direct patient contact (observerships are not acceptable). You should have at least one reference letter from a US or Canadian physician who can verify your clinical experience and attest to the quality of your work.

Do you sponsor or accept any visas?
Yes, we only sponsor J1 visas (no exceptions) - permanent residencies are acceptable.

Is there a cut off of years from graduation?
You should be within three years of graduation from medical school.

How many positions do you have available through the match?
There are 37 categorical positions available.

When is the application deadline?
December 31st

If you have questions not answered above, please send e-mail to