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These cases are prepared by fellows and residents at Indiana University. They are peer-reviewed by faculty and staff of the IU Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care medicine prior to their publication here. Those that have been subsequently published elsewhere in peer-reviewed journals are linked to the PDF files of the publication.

Editors: Gabriel Bosslet M.D., and Chadi Hage M.D., faculty editors

Is there an optimal serum marker for diagnosis of sepsis?
Enrique Calvo-Ayala MD.

A case of atypical sepsis is presented, and a discussion of the performance of procalcitonin for the early detection of sepsis and septic shock is reviewed.

A 29 year old female with acetaminophen overdose, anemia, and hypoxemia
Melissa Anderson M.D.; Gabriel Bosslet M.D., MA; Karen Wolf M.D.

A 29 year old female is admitted after toxic acetaminophen ingestion and is found to have an oxygen saturation of 85% on room air without any pulmonary symptoms.

ARDS, influenza, and a rapid influenza screen
Brent Toney, D.O.

3 cases of Hispanic males with ARDS secondary to influenza are presented, and pitfalls of the rapid influenza screen are discussed.

A 74 year-old male with intermittent hemoptysis
Radek Dutkiewicz, M.D.

A 74 year-old male was referred for hemoptysis of two years duration and anemia. Diagnosis was made based upon history and bronchoalveolar lavage.

Respiratory failure and rash following stem cell transplant
Gabriel Bosslet, M.D.

A 52 year old man suffered respiratory arrest 10 days after stem cell transplant. Infectious workup yielded no cause, and a clinical diagnosis was made.

51 year-old male with dyspnea and hypoxia
Catherine Sears, M.D.

A 51 year-old man presented with dyspnea and hypoxemia that was unresponsive to oxygen therapy. Right heart catheterization revealed pulmonary hypertension with shunt physiology.

Strongyloides Hyperinfection: A Rare Cause of Fatal Respiratory Failure
Babar Khan, M.D.

A 73-year old male presented with subacute onset of dyspnea and hemoptysis. Labs revealed eosinophilia, and BAL revealed significant parasite burden within the lungs.

The role of bronchoscopy in acute burns
Chris Huffer, M.D.

A 20-year old male presented with 45% TBSA burn after falling into an outdoor fire. The role of bronchoscopy in management of burn patients is reviewed.

A 63-year old female with dyspnea
Gabriel Bosslet, M.D.; Chadi Hage, M.D.

A 63-year old woman presented with a several year history of dyspnea and new onset of syncope. Testing revealed a left-to-right pulmonary shunt, but cardiac echo revealed no intracardiac shunt.

A 62-year old man with hypotension and a large chest fluid collection
Khalil Diab, M.D.; Karen M. Wolf, M.D.

A 62-year-old man was admitted with increased shortness of breath and a cough associated with yellowish sputum production. His symptoms had been progressively worsening over weeks. Pertinent symptoms at presentation included a 10-lb weight loss, dizziness, and low-grade fevers.