Department of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency

Breadth & Depth

Our medical center includes four different hospitals providing a wide variety of patient populations and an amazing spectrum of disease entities from the very common to the very rare. Residents learn to practice in each of these settings, from a private community hospital to the hectic county hospital, with different levels of autonomy in each one that helps build knowledge, skill and confidence in taking care of patients. Our graduates are seasoned clinicians with an additional versatility that helps them adjust to whatever clinical opportunities they choose after training.

Our program size and diverse clinical settings provide trainees with a breadth of experience but additionally, we have depth in our expertise. In particular, we are famous for interventional gastroenterology specifically endoscopic ultrasound and cardiology with large contributions to the field of echocardiography and implantable defibrillators. In addition, Dr. Einhorn in our hematology/oncology division discovered the cure for testicular cancer and is the single top expert in the field for that disease.

Within this rich clinical environment, the residency program additionally offers considerable flexibility and choice in your training to help you achieve your personal career goals.

We additionally offer trainees interested in becoming physician scientists the opportunity to apply for the board-approved research pathway.