Department of Medicine


Welcome to the Division of Rheumatology

Steven T. Hugenberg, MD 
Division Chief

The Rheumatology Division of the Indiana University Department of Medicine is a challenging phase in its history. After a long and successful focus on osteoarthritis while under the directorship of Dr. Kenneth Brandt, we have been adding other areas of interest. Dr. Steve Mazzuca continues the work in osteoarthritis while Dr. Dennis Ang has been working in the area of pain. Both have received NIH funding this past year and are expanding their research interests. Disease specific clinics will provide a foundation for collaborative research within our institution as well as nationally.

We continue our strong commitment to education of students, residents and fellows. We are a major resource for ambulatory learning. Our outpatient practice is in the process of reorganization, adapting an innovative approach that will serve our patients and our learners well. In our proximity, we have our tertiary university hospital, county hospital, VA facility and a well established children’s hospital which provide the venues for excellent training.

We are actively involved in clinical research through the Outpatient Research center under the directorship of Dr. Rose Fife and are fortunate to have in our midst, Dr. Merrill Benson, a recognized expert in the field of amyloidosis.

Our goal is to build on past successes and become a more diverse division with multiple areas of expertise, integrating basic research with specialized clinics, and increasing our commitment to the community. Recent advances in understanding the mechanisms of rheumatic diseases and their treatment has made the field of rheumatology a very exciting subspecialty with a fruitful future to come.