Core Values

The values of the department, which are embraced by all of our faculty, are based upon our three missions of teaching, research, and service. These values are grounded in our devotion to life-long learning and pursuit of knowledge.


We value broad-based training of students, residents, and postdoctoral candidates to fulfill local, state, national, and international needs. We will train highly skilled, compassionate, and altruistic professionals, both generalists and specialists, to be future leaders in medical practice, academia, and industry. All faculty will devote time to teaching both themselves and others, and all teaching, research, and clinical venues will be receptive to learners. We strive to be recognized for the students we train and for the development of innovative methods for teaching and tools for assessing our learners' progress.


We value cutting-edge research that encompasses the spectrum from bench science to outcomes research. We value the success and recognition of individuals for their research accomplishments; we equally value nurturing the research careers of junior faculty and trainees and the success and recognition of the entire departmental research enterprise. We value an interdisciplinary approach to science. All faculty will be committed to the research mission, even though not all will be active investigators. Those mainly devoted to our patient care and teaching missions will facilitate their patients' access to clinical trials to further our pursuit of knowledge and to make the most advanced therapies available to them.


We value state-of-the-art, compassionate, patient-focused care that is always directed to the best interests of our patients without regard to race, religion, or ability to pay. We value preventive as well as interventional care. We value the continued development of cost-effective consumer-oriented ways to care for patients and their families. We value collegial relationships and interdisciplinary efforts with other faculty, referring physicians, and our patients.


We value service to our community and to our profession. Faculty will be involved in community and charitable organizations to better their communities and to foster personal growth. Faculty will also serve their discipline by seeking roles in professional organizations and peer review groups.