Medical School Curriculum

The Department offers a variety of programs and curriculum to assist with developing core competencies within our students.

Programs and Opportunities

Introduction to Clinical Medicine is a highly interdisciplinary program, with leadership provided by Department of Medicine faculty that provides first and second year students with early patient contact. The program emphasizes the doctor-patient relationship, development of communication and physical examination skills, and general professional development.

Internal Medicine Students' Interest Group (IMSIG) is an active, student-led group giving students an opportunity to explore career options in internal medicine. Activities include a "shadowing" program for early clinical experiences and a variety of forums for informal discussions with internal medicine residents, general internists, and medicine sub-specialists. IMSIG members sponsor an annual health fair for residents in Westside Indianapolis neighborhoods. More information is available on the IMSIG website.

Internal Medicine Clerkship has been a clerkship that is often the most highly-rated by senior students over the recent 15 years. It is an eight-week rotation with opportunities for ambulatory and community-based experience as well as inpatient experience including county, Veterans Administration, tertiary referral, and community hospitals.

Senior Medicine Externship offers fourth-year students the opportunity to care for inpatients at Ball Memorial Hospital, Indiana University Hospital, Roudebush VA Medical Center, St. Vincent Hospital, and Wishard Memorial Hospital. Students choose between intensive and floor care. While students are carefully supervised by board-certified staff members and residents, they function with increased autonomy when compared to the clerkship. This is a required one-month rotation.

The Department also offers a variety of fourth-year electives in Internal Medicine. They include options for on-campus or off-campus sites, general or subspecialty experience, inpatient or outpatient care, or other specially arranged programs such as a hospice experience or an exchange program with the Moi University in Kenya.