Research Resources


Within the School of Medicine there are both clinical departments and basic science departments. In addition to the departments, the School of Medicine is home to a number of research centers. Center directors can be appointed directly by the Dean, and focus on building collaborative, interdepartmental research around a specific therapeutic focus. These centers also have a School of Medicine department as their major home. Centers that are directly related to the Department of Medicine include the Vascular Biology Center, Immunobiology, Bioethics, and the Regenstrief Institute. The Regenstrief Institute is home to an internationally renowned medical informatics program.

Indiana CTSI

The Indiana Center for Translational Science Institute was formed in anticipation of an NIH CTSA award in 2008. This novel translational center will be home to resources for investigators and subjects and will change the face of translational research in the School of Medicine with new integrative programs, core and other support services, and funding opportunities.

Research Facilities

The majority of the research is organized by therapeutic focus with laboratory facilities in multiple buildings including Emerson, the IB building, Research 2, Research 4, Wishard Hospital, Regenstrief Institute, the Clinical building, and the VA Hospital.

Internal Funding Opportunities

There are several internal funding opportunities for pilot projects that use cores, awards for new research or bridge funding, and awards that specifically target collaborations between Indiana University and Purdue University.

Core Laboratories

Multiple core facilities are located on campus, many of which were developed by a $155 million grant from the Lilly Foundation, the Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN). The core facilities offer expertise in the design and interpretation of state of the art methods such as proteomics, genomics, microscopy, and many others.

Diabetes Translation Research Center

The DTRC was organized with support from the NIDDK Prevention and Control Division of the former Diabetes Research and Training Center. The Center was mandated to organize research that would help improve the delivery of diabetes care and address the gap between developmental and clinical trial research and "real-world" implementation relevant to diabetes. Given the alarming increase in the rate of diabetes both nationally and internationally, this is a timely and important mission.

Indiana Alcohol Research Center

The IARC is a Specialized Research Center which focuses on the elucidation of the biomedical and psychosocial factors that contribute to alcohol abuse and alcoholism. The Center was established in 1987 by a grant from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) of the National Institutes of Health. The NIAAA is the major federal agency supporting research into the etiology, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of alcoholism.

Research Administration

Grant processing is done through the Department of Medicine Research Administration, with dedicated pre-award and post-award personnel to help investigators complete the grant applications and manage the financial accounts.

Office of Clinical Research

The School of Medicine Office of Clinical Research (OCR) offers support in reviewing and negotiating contracts for all industry sponsored clinical trials.

Professional Development

Opportunities exist for faculty at multiple levels